OgyMogy is an advanced yet easy-to-use Android monitoring solution with essential features to give you peace of mind. You can install the app on the target Android device and begin monitoring within minutes. No rooting is required, and works in stealth mode, so the user is unaware of its presence. Here are the top 5 must-have features of OgyMogy Android monitoring software.

Discreet Tracking of Calls, SMS, MMS, and Social Media on Android

As a concerned parent or employer, discreetly monitoring an Android device is essential. OgyMogy Android monitoring software allows you to track calls, messages, social media, and more on Android smartphones and tablets.

View Deleted Messages and Call Logs: It recovers deleted SMS, MMS, and call logs so you can see who the user has contacted even if they try to hide it.

Track Popular Messaging and Social Apps: Monitors popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. See messages, photos, videos, and other content shared through these apps.

Discreet Installation: It runs in stealth mode on Android, so the user will not know they are being monitored. The app icon can be hidden, and activity logs are stored securely online, accessible only through your OgyMogy account.

With OgyMogy Android monitoring software, you have a powerful yet discreet solution for gaining insight into how an Android device is being used and ensuring the user’s safety. Take control and peace of mind with OgyMogy.

Monitor Location and View Location History

With Android monitoring software, you can monitor the target device’s location and view the location history. Track the current location of the Android phone on demand. Log into your OgyMogy account and select “View Location” to see the device’s whereabouts on a map, including the address.

OgyMogy records locations periodically and stores them so you can go back in time and see the path the device traveled on any given day. The location history allows you to retrace steps and ensure the device user’s whereabouts match what you were told.

Share access to location monitoring with other caretakers or managers. If multiple people need to check on a device’s location and location history, you can set up shared access within your Ogymogy account. Shared access is a convenient feature for families, schools, and businesses.

With robust location tracking and monitoring, OgyMogy Android monitoring software gives you insight into where the target device has been and where it is currently located. Location features provide important protection and accountability for children and employees. Overall, location monitoring is one of the most useful capabilities of monitoring software.

Monitor Web Browsing History

By monitoring web browsing history, you can ensure no inappropriate or dangerous content is being accessed and gain insight into the interests and habits of the user.

View Bookmarks

In addition to browsing history, Ogymogy allows you to see all bookmarks, favorites, and saved links on the Android device. Bookmarks provide a quick way for users to access their most frequently visited or important websites. You can see which sites are most valued and revisited by viewing bookmarks. Lets you view bookmarks from the default Android browser and popular third-party browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Set Alerts

For even closer monitoring, you can set alerts within Ogymogy to notify you when specific websites are visited or bookmarked. This is useful if there are certain sites you want to block or be immediately aware of. Alerts can be set for both web browsing history and bookmarks.

Export Data

The ability to closely monitor web browsing and bookmarks is essential for understanding how an Android device is being used and ensuring safe internet access. Ogymogy provides powerful tools to view, track and export this important data.

Live Screen Viewing

You can remotely view the live screen of the monitored Android phone or tablet. You’ll have visibility into the apps they use, websites they visit, messages they send and receive, and more. Watching the live screen is an effective way to track device activity and ensure proper usage.

Screenshot Capture

In addition, to live screen viewing, OgyMogy captures screenshots of the target device automatically at your defined time interval. You can set the software to take screenshots every 30 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or longer. These screenshots are uploaded to your account dashboard so you have a visual record and timeline of how the device is being used. Reviewing screenshots is a convenient way to check device usage when live viewing isn’t possible.

Keystroke Logging

With OgyMogy keylogging feature, you can see everything the user types on the monitored Android device, whether it’s messages, website logins, search queries, or notes. The key logger captures keystrokes from the default keyboard and any other keyboards installed on the device. It records the keys pressed, the time of entry, and the app the keys were entered into. Keystroke logging provides insight into how the device is used for communication and what information the user may share.

OgyMogy screen viewing, screenshot capture, and keylogging features give you effective oversight into how company-owned or family Android devices are being used.

Monitoring device activity and usage promotes accountability and helps ensure security and productivity. With routine checks of screenshots and key loggers, you’ll gain useful insights to optimize device policies and make the most of advanced Android monitoring solution.


In conclusion, OgyMogy Android monitoring software offers robust features to help you monitor your child’s phone activity and set healthy limits. With call and SMS monitoring, location tracking, app and web filtering, screen time management, and keyword alerts, you have a comprehensive set of tools to support responsible phone use and open communication.

While technology will continue advancing, the fundamentals of parenting remain – set clear rules and boundaries, monitor for issues, and maintain an open and trusting relationship with your child. You have an effective solution to help you navigate parenting challenges in the digital age.

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